Production Design  |  Hayden Relf 

Written by Caryl Churchill  
Director | Eve Beck

Director | Eve Beck
Dramaturge | Ang Collins
Production Design | Hayden Relf
Lighting Design | Pip Morey
Sound Design | Jessica Pizzinga
Costume Supervisor | Esther Zong
Photo Credit | Lisa Tomasetti & Screenshots NIDA Archive NIDA Parade Space Theatre 2022

Hotel by Caryl Churchill is a voyeuristic collage of ten different characters and their lives playing out simultaneously in a single hotel room. In Act One - Eight Rooms - the original script written as a jazz opera tracks multiple relationships over a single night in a hotel room.

Directed by Eve Beck, the abstract piece examines our relationship to loneliness, love, dissatisfaction and one woman’s desire to disappear.

The design concept was to create a room suspended in time. The room acted as a filter through which all the toxic relationships passed through. This created a liminal space where all of the domestic, mundane and sub- tle iterations were on display. Which gave space to the more stylistic in- terpretations of the character dreamings. This highly choreographed piece created beautiful images to snapshot the different stages in human rela- tionships.

During the second half, Act Two - Two Nights - the room is desaturated of colour using a sodium vapour lamp. As the design elements build with the text, the main character expresses her desire to disappear.

Set Design -  Hotel, NIDA Parade Space Theatre 2022

ACT ONE - Eight Rooms  -  Hotel, NIDA Parade Space Theatre 2022

ACT TWO - Two Nights -  Hotel, NIDA Parade Space Theatre 2022

Storyboard - from Hotel. 2022

“scans from notebook” - from Hotel. 2022

Cast and Crew from Hotel. 2022

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