Set Design  |  Hayden Relf 

Written by Hilary Bell 
Director | Kate Champion

Assistant Directors | Eve Beck & Madelein Diggins
Set & Prop Design | Hayden Relf 
Lighting Design | Leia Loisa
Sound Design | Jessica Pizzinga
Costume Design | Hannah Taylor 
Photo Credit | Lisa Tomasetti & Screenshots NIDA Archive 
NIDA Parade Space Theatre 2021

Perfect Stranger, written by Hilary Bell follows the journey of Ruth. The play is a series of two-handers, where Ruth traverses through 28 locations meeting over 35 characters.

The design concept was to mirrior the script where each scene flowed effortlessly into the next, the idea was to give the audience a feeling of constant motion. Using a 10-meter revolve the design stripped the theatre and immersed the audience in the center of the space and the perfor- mance was played out on its perimeter. Using the black box theatre as the backdrop the set essentially became a magic box with a series of reveals. As the audience rotated, props where removed and added behind them, while the audience followed the lead character, Ruth.

“notebook scans” - from Perfect Stranger. 2021

Film Stills, Perfect Stranger. 2021. NIDA Archive.

Back StagePerfect Stranger. 2021
Always was and always will be aboriginal land