Co-Creator, Set & Costume Design  |  Hayden Relf

Written by Margaret Perry
Produced by Essential Workers & Redline Productions 

Creators | Zoe Hollyoak, Janet Anderson,  Morgan Moroney, Daniel Herten & Hayden Relf. 

Co-Directors | Zoë Hollyoak & Morgan Moroney
Set &Costume Design | Hayden Relf
Lighting/co-Video Design | Morgan Moroney
Composer, Sound & co-Video Designer | Daniel Herten

Assistant Producer | Kate Bolton
Camera Operators | Robbie Alexander, Alex Stammel & Skye Williams
Stage Manager | Isabella Milkovitsch

Preformed by Janet Anderson & Albert Mwangi

Photo Credit | Phil Erbacher 

This Australian Premiere of Collapsible, written by Margaret Perry, staged at the Old Fitz Theatre in 2023. 

★★★★ The AU Review
★★★★ Theatre Now
★★★★ State of the Art Media
★★★★ The Queer Review

[Anderson] is towering, even when feeling deflated,
confessing depletion, collapsing into invisibility.
Collapsible also integrates digital technology not
as a gimmick but an aid to the narrative and is
interwoven astonishingly well... Collapsible is
an all encompassing theatrical experience.”

★★★★ Richard Cotter, Sydney Arts Guide

“In conjunction with Daniel Herten’s creepy score,
Moroney’s lighting and Hayden Relf’s truly brilliant set
– essentially an office waiting room, complete with lift,
but one that’s ingeniously malleable – the videoing
compounds the hallucinogenic disorientation of
Esther’s mind. This even has her start to think she’s
made of stones; that she rattles slightly when she walks.
Many of us have some inkling of how she feels.”

★★★½ - John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald
“Essie inhabits a ‘nowhere’ space that might be a
waiting room, a lobby, a foyer (there’s a lift),
or an institutionalised office… Another astonishingly
creative use of the Old Fitz stage, by Hayden Relf
with integrated and equally creative lighting
by Morgan Moroney. Created an atmosphere of visual
and aural dissonance that vividly illustrates what’s
going on in Essie’s mind. It’s a paradox for the audience
as the experience of watching and listening is
profoundly sad, scary, and hilarious by turn.

Anderson is heart-stopping in a nuanced, intelligent,
and luminous performance, aided by her co-directors
and surroundings. Collapsible is outstanding and
recommended without reservation.”

★★★★ 1/2  - Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

Set Design -  Collapsible, Old Fitz Theatre 2023

‘Essie’ Costume Design -  Collapsible, Old Fitz Theatre 2023

‘Chaos’ Scene - Final Act -  Collapsible, Old Fitz Theatre 2023

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